5 Reasons to Pick a Drive-Up Storage Unit Over an Indoor Unit

When you’re looking for a place to store your belongings, it’s important to weigh all of your options. Indoor storage units are great for small items that you want to keep out of the weather, but what if you need to store a large item or drive up to your storage unit? That’s where drive-up storage units come in handy!
Whether you're moving from one house to the next, need to declutter in preparation for a sale, or just want to store your stuff more efficiently, El Paso Storage Units is a "must-see" location if you have storage requirements. Here are five reasons why drive-up storage might be the right choice for you.

Ease of Access

The most significant advantage is how readily available they are to the renter. You may drive your car straight to the unit, as the name implies. Because bulk goods are frequently stored in drive-up storage, this minimizes strain and risk of damage to your belongings by eliminating the need to carry very heavy things.

Lower Cost

In general, storage containers outside are less expensive than their indoor counterparts. Because they don't need to maintain a temperature-controlled environment, drive-up storage units are cheaper and more accessible. Unless you intend to store items that require particular care, the lower price might make outdoor storage your best option.

Vehicle Storage

The ideal place to store automobiles is, without a doubt, drive-up spots. There's also no need for garages since this space is incredibly safe and secure. Motorcycles, automobiles, vans, ATVs, and small boats can all be parked here. It's critical to take measurements first and ensure that the automobile you want to store will fit in the container you're renting.

Different Sizes

Access Self Storage has never been a one-size-fits-all business, so of course, there are several alternatives to suit your needs. There are many various sizes accessible from El Paso Storage Units, ranging from a tiny (but comfy) 5x5 selection to a huge 15x20 option when you need to expand your area.

Storing Seasonal and Bulky Items

Many renters will designate their storage unit as the top place to store seasonal and bulky items that they don't want to keep up year-round or have room for in their home. Where will you put your Christmas decorations in the non-holiday months?
Drive-up storage is ideal for storing big things with short-term usefulness, such as ladders, snowblowers, jet skis, and other goods that may not fit in your garage and you won't use on a regular basis. When situations like these arise, it's important to retain them in a secure and convenient location until they become useful again.

Rent the Drive-Up Storage Unit That Suits You!

When you're in a situation where you're unsure, El Paso Storage Units provides another incentive to consider a drive-up storage unit. As a trusted self-storage provider in El Paso, TX, rest assured that any unit rented will meet your needs.