Benefits of Locally Owned Storage in El Paso, TX

Locating a secure storage facility that meets your exact requirements can be a difficult task. At El Paso Storage Units, we are a family and locally-owned and operated storage company that has been in business for over 10 years with neighborhood self-storage facilities located throughout El Paso, TX.

There are many advantages and benefits of renting with a locally owned storage facility as opposed to a nationally owned facility. Which of the two options is better? They may appear similar, but there are a few significant distinctions to consider. In this blog post, we will go over the different aspects of why you should choose a local over a nationwide company.

Better Customer Service

Local self-storage centers' employees are typically more helpful, knowledgeable of the area, and provide better service. Nationwide chains take all phone inquiries using a script from a call center in another time zone. If they have never been on-premises and speaking with you from an office across the country, how much could a support staff member truly know about your unit in El Paso?

Your call will be answered on-site by our local managers and customer service representatives. Our location managers will immediately know what size and sort of units are available without having to browse through a complicated computer system that may contain thousands of storage facilities. They'll be more acquainted with the units through personal experience rather than from images or descriptions they saw on a computer.

Because they are acquainted with the area, local staff members may provide suggestions, recommendations, and directions. This can be especially beneficial if you just moved to town and don't know the area yet. They'll also know right away anything about the facility, such as what security features are available at their site and on your chosen unit.

Furthermore, if you have future needs or concerns, it's a good idea to make sure you can contact someone who understands them. Our smaller facilities have an owner or manager physically on premises that you can speak with when visiting your unit.

Even if you don't think it's a big deal, we believe that local, knowledgeable service personnel will result in a more personalized and successful customer experience. We want you to feel confident that your self-storage facility will give a secure home for your things, and that we'll provide accurate, timely information.

Supports Small Business

When you choose local small businesses, you're putting money back into the local economy by utilizing a local self-storage facility. Small-company growth is essential to generate more innovative, successful, and connected cities. The owners of these businesses often treat their employees and customers as neighbors or even family, rather than just another number.

This results in more ethical, friendlier, and better business practices. Small companies are more likely to be motivated, aware, and engaged since they rely on their own abilities and hard work for success. When the economy is poor, they have a stronger motivation to improve their services. To keep local firms operating, quality customer service, retention, and loyalty are essential. As a result, these businesses are more likely to have excellent attention to detail, which translates to better facilities, cleaner rooms, landscaped grounds, and courteous employees.

Large corporations, on the other hand, often have to adhere to stringent rules and regulations created by individuals that have never even been to the location. Big nationwide companies are more concerned with making a profit than providing high-quality services and products.

Locally Owned & Operated in El Paso, TX

El Paso Storage Units strives to provide exceptional customer service in a small company setting. Please feel free to browse our units today or contact us with any questions. As you examine your choices, keep in mind the excellent customer service experience you deserve. Pick a facility that can speak to its units and the community they serve!