August 28, 2019

If you are planning a move to a new house or apartment soon, you may be thinking of renting a self-storage unit right here in El Paso, TX. Hopefully, These easy packing and storage tips from EP Easy Storage will make your transition to your new home as easy as possible!

1. Label Your Boxes
Make sure to start the process of moving by investing in some labels and a permanent marker to label your boxes with what is on the inside to help you organize the trip.

2. Put Large Heavy Objects on Bottom
One storage tip you won't want to overlook is to place large heavy objects such as couches and tables at the bottom of the storage unit and stack boxes and smaller objects on top of these larger objects. That way smaller more delicate objects are protected from being crushed or placed under hard to move objects.

3. Keep your furniture Dry
To keep furniture dry and free from mildew it's a good idea to store furniture under plastic tarps. Another way to keep your furniture dry is by storing them on top of wooden pallettes.

4. Create a List
Make sure to keep track of everything that is placed into boxes by making a list of everything and which boxes it went into. That way you are more organized when it's time to unpack everything out at your new location.

5. Place important Items in front
Another way you can make your life easier when organizing your storage unit is to place important frequently used items in the front of the storage unit by the door. That way when you need these items you don't have to dig thru boxes and furniture to get access to them.

6. Use our Storage Calculator!
When you’re preparing to move some items into your self-storage unit, one of the hardest parts is deciding what size unit you’ll need. You don’t want to overspend by renting a unit that’s too big, but you definitely don’t want to rent one that’s too small to fit everything. Our self-storage calculator can help you decide what size you need! You can start using our Storage calculator by clicking the link below!

Security sign mounted to fence with storage building in the background